Overview of work

2020Production of three stories in the series “50 Shades of Heavenly-blue”
Story 15: “Dichtbij het doel.” “Near the target.” In Dutch. God's plan is about
to take effect ... With two drawings in it.
Story 16: “Wat God niet wil.” “Which God does not want.” In Dutch. About the PET-CT scan. God does not want us to allow radioactivity in our body!
Story 17: “Covid-19” Story for parents and children, in English. About a little dragon named Co. He is very busy sowing fear and blowing sick ...
With drawings and paintings in it.
Download Covid-19 on page Stories.
2019Production of six stories in the series “50 Shades of Heavenly-blue”
Story 9: “Little Snail” Story/poem for children. In Dutch.
Story 10: “Dichtbij God” “Close to God” In Dutch. Two drawings. About Jesus, hope, a dream and a baby.
Story 11: “Rol van de vrouw.” “Role of the woman.” In Dutch. All kinds of Bible texts about leadership in the church and the position of women. I just made
a meaningful order in the texts.
Story 12: “My Conversion in 2009.” How I was searching and finding Jesus.
Story 13: “My Liberaton in 2012” I describe what happened when I was
haunted by evil spirits.
Story 14: “The Father” I had a vision about The Father and tried to draw it ...
Download 12, 13 and 14 on page Stories.
2018Production of three stories in the series “50 Shades of Heavenly-blue”
They are all in Dutch.
Story 6: “Een Teken” “A sign” is about a drawing and two visions
Story 7: “Vergeven...” “Forgiven ...” Here I look back in my life and I notice that I have often started again. With two paintings and four drawings.
Story 8: “Reishistorie.” “Historie of a journey.”Have you ever had such a day? Everything went wrong but it is still going well!
2017Production of three stories in the series “50 Shades of Heavenly-blue”
They are all in Dutch.
Story 3: “De Hemel,”, “Heaven,” in Dutch, is also a small book. You see nine drawings and three paintings in it. .
Story 4: “Een bijzondere ervaring.” “A special experience” You will see in this
story how my conversion came about and I started to believe in Jesus again.
Beginning with story 4, the stories are on A4 and you will find drawings and/or paintings in it.
Story 5: “In de diepte.” “In depth ”This is a short story about a drawing. My drawings often contain symbols. This story is about a song and a dream.
2016Production of the second story with pastel drawings.
“50 Shades of Heavenly-blue”, part 2 in Dutch: “Jona en de vis”
In this booklet, again on A5, you will find 6 drawings in pastel.
2015Production of the first story with pastel drawings
“50 Shades of Heavenly-blue”. Part 1 in Dutch: “Een Wonder!”
“A Miracle!” With seven pastel drawings. Executed as a small book on A5.
2013-2014Buurt- en Kerkhuis Bethel
Thomas Schwenckestraat 28/30, 2563 BZ Den Haag, The Netherlands. Here was an exhibition of 7 paintings. Many activities take place at the Buurt- en Kerkhuis. Neighbourhood-coffee, meals, evening prayers, free legal consultation and a conversation circle. Sometimes you can see a movie or listen to storytellers. There is even more! Look at Facebook: Buurt- en Kerkhuis Bethel
2013-2014Production of pastel drawings,
2013Parelroute: Parels van de Flora en Faunawijken, The Hague, The Netherlands
In my CASTLE IN THE AIR at “Beekstaete” Beeklaan 517, 12th floor, you could see new drawings in pastel! I also exhibited new paintings in the tempera technique.
The one you see here is the largest tempera painting, “Wonder”.
2013Open Atelierroute Duinoord, The Hague, The Netherlands
My place is at Beekstaete, Beeklaan 517, The Hague,
This time I presented paintings in tempera and some new drawings in pastel.
The drawing which is presented here is called: “ The Kiss”
2013Makelaardij Koenders, The Hague, The Netherlands.
Survey exhibition “Open Atelierroute Duinoord”. At the opening my pastel drawing “Innocence” was already sold!
2013Hospital Bronovo, The Hague, The Netherlands.
Exhibition on the first floor of 12 paintings in tempera. You also could
see 8 reproductions on canvas and 2 on forex.
2013Nieuw Leven Evangelie Gemeenschap “God is Nabij”,
Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands.

New Year Exhibition with 12 other artists.
2013Library Haagse Hout, Den Haag
Exhibition of 5 paintings.
2010-2013Production of tempera paintings, The Hague, The Netherlands
“There is more between heaven and earth”.
See the paintings
2012Humanitas Woonzorgplus, Location Duinhage, Den Haag
Exhibition of 9 reproductions on canvas.
2012Open Atelier during Parelroute, The Hague, The Netherlands.
Exhibition of 11 paintings. At that day a lot of people in the neighbourhood
had an “Open House”.
2012Bruna (bookshop), The Hague, The Netherlands
Exhibition of 6 paintings.
2012Healthcare Centre Statenkwartier, The Hague, The Netherlands
Exhibition of 11 paintings.
2011-2012Respect Zorggroep Scheveningen, Location Het Uiterjoon, The Hague, The Netherlands
Exhibition of 10 paintings, printed on canvas.
2005-2006The Pier, Scheveningen, The Netherlands
I had a studio and shop there, in which you could see a retrospective exhibition of my sculpture and paintings.
2005Wijkwinkel Gentsestraat, Scheveningen, The Netherlands
Exhibition of sculpture in wood and also paintings about the sea were shown.
2004Maritiem 3, Scheveningen, The Netherlands
Here you could see a retrospective exhibition of my sculpture and paintings.
1995Production of tempera paintings, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
1993Small statues in ancient wood, Amersfoort, The Netherlands 
1991Production of watercolour paintings, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
1990Poems: “What age is your soul?” (In Dutch), Amersfoort,
The Netherlands
1988-1989Production of art photography, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
1986Start’86, Centraal Beheer, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Here I had an exhibition of sculpture.
1978’t Hoogt, Utrecht, The Netherlands
In this place an exhibition of ceramics was held.





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