“50 Shades of Heavenly Blue”


Stories about the love of God

In the stories and drawings of this series
the love of God comes forward. Often Bible texts are involved. The title of the series of stories with drawings refers to the film “50 Shades of Gray,” which is about power and abuse. Such things can cause many people to get lost in their relationship.
A good intimate relationship is not based on power games.


“Love is patient and full of goodness. Love
has no envy, no idle show, no complacency.
She is not rude and selfish, she is not angry
and does not blame evil, she does not rejoice
at injustice, but finds joy in the truth.
She endures everything, she hopes for everything, she persists in everything.”
(1 Corinthians 13: 4-7)

Drawing of The Father
I saw a vision of the Father. Then I tried to draw it. Story 14 is about this.



Story 17 is about Covid-19!



On the Dutch page of Stories are many stories which are not here yet.
I do have six stories in English now. The work is in progress.
I hope you enjoy to read them.
In most stories you find paintings and/or drawings.


Story 0: “Dave, Drew and Josh.”
This is a story, written in 2013, just after I was baptized. It is about something special which happened at my work and I wrote it down.
I did not know then, that I was going to make a series of stories about God later. But it fits very well in the “50 Shades of Heavenly Blue”.
Here is the Download.



Story 5: “In the Depth” A story about hard times ...
Download here.
Story 12: “My conversion in 2009.” I describe how I was searching and finding Jesus.
Download here.
Story 13: “My liberation in 2012.” I describe here, what happened when I was haunted by evil spirits. It was on the day that I asked Jesus to come in my hart.
Download here.
Story 14: “The Father.” I had a vision about The Father and tried to draw it ...
Download here.
Story 17: “Covid-19.” Story for parents and children. About a little dragon named Co.
He has a new job. He is very busy sowing fear and blowing sick ... Does the job fit him well?
There are drawings and paintings in the story.
Download here.



Art for Kids: Sweetie Pie!


This story can be told in groups with children of about 5 to 10 years of age. This is a story about God. Evangelisation of kids is the purpose of the story.
It can be used for evangelisation by kids too!


When I gave a presentation in Berkel en Rodenrijs, the children were very excited. They found it fun to get to know Sweetie Pie and it was very nice to work with them! Also in Leiden it was really appreciated.




In the story for kids about God, you see 7 tempera paintings. Sweetie Pie tells the story. Download pdf-file here
Download powerpoint-file here





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