2019 Becoming A Contagious Christian
Course of the Agape Foundation. We worked in a small group. Everybody was searching the style which fits him best. As far as I'm concerned, I love to testify!
2018Study Deutsch Als Fremdsprache: DAF
Course via the Internet. After the two other courses I did, I was able to understand this course. DAF has 3 levels, A, and C. I quickly reached level A. Halfway through level B it became very difficult. “I'm having such a hard time with it!” I said to God. And he replied: “MAYBE YOUR LEVEL IS SUFFICIENT” Well that was
a relief! Since then I stopped the course and I read the German Bible
(Luther version) daily. I can understand it very well.
Design your life
Course of the Agape Foundation; an international organization that does a lot with evangelism. Through the course, with 6 women, I have looked back in my life and discovered that I have started a new life 15 times. And that God was in every new start with me!
2017Study German Grammar
This is via the internet. I actually wanted to do the Deutsch Als Fremdsprache (DAF) course, but unfortunately I didn't understand that yet. So I first did an extensive course on German grammar.
2016Study German
Via the Internet. God has shown me our plan for the future and it is in Germany. So I did a basic course of German, which focuses on speaking and everyday life in Germany.
2012Bible class with George Verwer, Zelhem, The Netherlands
He is the founder of Operation Mobilization. This organisation takes care of the ship Logos Hope, which goes around the world to bring knowledge, help and hope to people. Logos Hope changed my life in 2009.
The Bible studies during this week took place at the Christian Holiday park
De Betteld in Zelhem.
2012Holiday Conference Celebrate, Stadskanaal, The Netherlands
Organized by CCR, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Theme of this year is: “With heart and soul”. Father Pat Collins from Ireland learned us more about having a deeper contact with God. Also he gave lessons about the New Evangelisation.
2012Chamber of Commerce, The Hague
Evening classes: Starting in the Creative Sector. At the end of the classes
I gave a presentation about my work.
2012Drukkerij Albani, The Hague
Basic HTML for website management.
2012Broeders van Sint Jan, The Hague
Faith Basics was a short class about faith. The brothers are often giving classes on various subjects. For more information about activities see: Broeders van Sint Jan.
2011Colorpro(o)f, Lisse
Speed class digital photography. This was about the making of photographs of paintings and editing those photographs. At Colorpro(o)f you can learn exactly the things you are still missing in your knowledge.
2010Alpha-course, The Hague
This is a class about the Christian faith. Information is given and the Bible is studied. Experiencing which you believe is also very important here. More information you find at the Catholic Alpha Centre.
2010Celebrate: conference of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Stadskanaal
In CCR you find people who want to practice renewal in their own Parish. They are inspired by the Protestant Churches.
2009-2011Schoevers, The Hague
Here I studied for Management assistant. Diploma.
1986Centre for Art Management, Utrecht
I received a Certificate for Art Management.
1981-1986Academy of Visual Arts, Amersfoort
I reached a teachers’ degree in Arts and Crafts and Art History. Diploma.
1975-1978Monumental Art Class, Utrecht (evening school)
Three years of studying painting, sculpture, ceramics etc.
1972-1973University, Utrecht
I studied in the preliminary year and did one year of Clinical Psychology.
1972Atheneum A, Utrecht